Thursday, October 6, 2016

Interesting TED Talk- Scott Mescudi

An interesting TED talk that I watched was a really inspiring talk  by Scott Miscudi . Scott Miscudi aka (Kid Cudi) is an american rapper that I listen to.  Kid Cudi was talking his life and how he had to make a really big decision he also said the  that you have to be yourself in order to become something big and step up like he did. Kid Cudi left from Cleveland to New York in order to purse his rap career. He left his mom and his family behind just to get a chance to be something he dreamed. We need to start stepping up because we're letting difficulties overcome us . What he talks about can really encourage teenagers. Miscudi didn't let people bring him down because he was always determined to show the world what he could do. This has inspired me to be myself and try to leave a mark in history just by being myself. This quest will take a lot of time and determination. He says that it doesn't matter if you're a troubled child anyone ca do anything if they have courage and determination. He concluded saying that life is not an easy journey and that sometimes you will fall but its important to stand back up and continue you're journey.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

my symbol English

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The symbol that represents me is  the Vlone logo. This symbol represents me because Vlone is a brand that brings many creative products to its customers. The minds of the people that produce the products are free and they don´t care what people think. This is how I will want to be. I want to be a free minded person that everyone likes , just like Vlone.  Many rappers that I look up to wear Vlone and represent Vlone. I want Vlone to represent me in the future.I think I am a really creative person compared to my friends because they are still stuck in the fact that life is simple when its really not. You can leave a mark on history or culture by being "you". That's what Vlone did and that's what I am trying to do. Creativity and courage is a big role in culture because people that are creative are different and they have courage to be who they are.